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Stitch Holders

Stitch Holders


We carry a variety of stitch holders from Knitter's Pride and Clover so that you have the perfect stitch holder for each project.

  • The Knitter's Pride ones are metal and come in a package of 3 - small, medium and large. They work like safety pins.
  • The Clover ones are plastic, come in packages of 2, and in sizes Small (2.75 to 4.5 mm), Medium (3.75 to 8 mm), Large (3.75 to 8 mm) and Extra Large (8 to 10 mm). They are like double pointed needles with a cover.
  • Circular Stitch Holders come in two sizes - Short (9-16 inches) and Long (24-36 inches). They are perfect for your circular knitted projects.

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