Yarn Swap

Yarn Swap







Sometimes we fall out of love with the yarn we’ve collected. Maybe you have accumulated too many leftover skeins. Pack up what you want out and come to Sweet Yarns’ first ever Yarn Swap.


Details about the Swap:

  • The Yarn Swap will occur on Tuesday, July 30th, 6:00 to 8:00PM.
  • Cost to participate is $5.00.
  • All yarns for the swap must be delivered to Sweet Yarns by noon on Saturday, July 27th.
  • When yarns are brought in, Lauren will discuss with you the value and an amount will be assigned.
  • At the yarn swap, each attendee will receive a card with what they brought in and the value so they know how much they have to spend. There will be room on the card to track what you’re purchasing as well.
  • Attendees will only be able to pick up yarn equal to or less than the amount they brought in until the last half hour of the evening. At this point, attendees can pay cash for the value of any other yarns they wish to take home.
  • If attendees still have “money” on their card, they can choose to save the remaining credit for the next Yarn Swap or have half the value as store credit.
  • Any leftover yarns will remain at Sweet Yarns for Lauren to sell or donate.


Details about yarn:

  • The yarns brought in for the swap need to be full unused skeins.
  • Dyelots will be grouped and sold together.
  • If you have partial skeins you want to include, they can be added as long as they are the same dyelot as full skeins, however you will only receive credit for full skeins.
  • Yarns do not have to be from Sweet Yarns.
  • Yarns should be smoke free and pet free.

If you have any questions, please contact the store. It is our first one so there may be some kinks to work out. :)