Gifts to preorder

Gifts to preorder

Make sure the knitters and crocheters in your life get the gifts they really want for Christmas. I've put together a list of things you can order now. Preorders will be closing on November 15th so that I should have enough time to get everything in from the suppliers before Christmas.

Note: As the times are difficult for supply chains, I cannot guarantee the arrival of products by a specific date. Should preordered items not arrive before Christmas, I will put together a card with a picture of the preordered item that you can give. Then the recipient can bring the picture in to exchange for the actual item.


Sweet Yarns' Christmas Gift

I'm putting together a box of beautiful yarn and a few other treats that will be the perfect Christmas gift for any knitter or crocheter. Comes in a pretty white box with a holiday-themed ribbon. All you'll need to do is put their name on it. Make sure to order the Sweet Yarns' Christmas Gift and get your crafter what they really want under the tree - yarn. 

You can preorder the Christmas Gift here.


Needle sets

Needles come in all kinds of sizes and lengths. Knitters can obtain quite the collection of them as they knit more and more projects. A set of knitting needles can contain the mess and make sure to have all the needed sizes for every project. At Sweet Yarns, we love our ChiaoGoo sets. The products are excellent quality and come in beautiful cases. (We also carry extra pieces should you need to add a few more things to your set.) 

Preorder ChiaoGoo needle sets:


Hook sets 

Crocheters deserve a nice set for their tools of the trade too. We've got a couple to recommend:


Winding Tools

Some yarns need to be wound before crafters can start working with them. You can always wind by hand, but these tools make it faster and easier:

  • Swift - hold the yarn for you and spins for easier winding
  • Ball winder - winds yarn into a cake for easy crafting


Blocking Tools

After projects are finished, blocking makes sure to even out the stitches and make it look even better. These are some supplies that make blocking projects easier:


Project Bags

Get a personalized project bag from Pine & Purl. Andrea has a plethora of unique designs that can be put on either the Drawstring Bag or the Essential Tote. It never hurts to have another bag for that next project.


Other Preorders

Check out all of our preorder items here.