Spring Yarn Tasting 2021

On Thursday, February 25th, I shared all about Berroco's new line up of Spring yarns. If you missed watching it, check out the video here:


For more info on the new yarns, read through below. I've also linked to the Berroco website so you can check out all the colourways and patterns. If you're interested in ordering any of the yarns, have questions or need some help in choosing, contact the store or stop in. 


Summer Sesame

Bright, happy shades of colors ebb and flow to make this worsted weight yarn a perfect summer choice. This cotton blend yarn is light to the touch, easy to work with and self striping.

47% Cotton / 44% Acrylic / 9% Nylon

$19.50 per 100g / 295y

Yarn: https://www.berroco.com/yarns/berroco-summer-sesame

Patterns: https://www.berroco.com/pattern-listing/all/all/all/all/all/6028/all/all/all/all



A two tone strand of yarn with flecks of color woven throughout the yarn gives this knitted fabric a fun texture. Featuring a soft color palette, this DK weight yarn is perfect for all your spring and summer pieces.

90% Cotton / 7% Nylon

$15.50 per 50g / 125y

Yarn: https://www.berroco.com/yarns/berroco-zinnia

Patterns: https://www.berroco.com/pattern-listing/all/all/all/all/all/6029/all/all/all/all



Light and dark strands blend together to create a DK weight yarn that gives a stonewashed look to your pieces. The fabric has a slight sheen and the linen gives it a perfect summery drape.

56% Linen / 44% Silk

$16.75 per 50g / 142y

Yarn: https://www.berroco.com/yarns/berroco-chai

Patterns: https://www.berroco.com/pattern-listing/all/all/all/all/all/6030/all/all/all/all


Ultra Wool Handpaint

Our 100% Superwash Ultra Wool gets a makeover! Ultra Wool Handpaint is hand dyed using a watercolor brush technique. The result is the machine washable wool you love with speckled colors throughout. We recommend alternating skeins to get a cohesive overall look as each skein is unique. Use it along with our Ultra Wool for unlimited combinations.

100% Superwash Wool

$26.00 per 100g / 219y

Yarn: https://www.berroco.com/yarns/berroco-ultra-wool-handpaint



Warm colors ebb and flow in this long-color repeating yarn that is ideal for summer accessories and garments. Berroco Medina blends cotton, acrylic, and viscose in a DK-weight yarn with gorgeous colors.

37% Cotton / 36% Acrylic / 27% Viscose

$18.25 per 100g / 295y

Yarn: https://www.berroco.com/yarns/berroco-medina

Patterns: https://www.berroco.com/pattern-listing/all/all/all/all/all/4762/all/all/all/all


Remix Light

This lighter weight version of Berroco Remix is the same wool-free yarn made of 100% recycled fibers that you love to knit and crochet.

30% Nylon / 27% Cotton / 24% Acrylic / 10% Silk / 9% Linen

$15.50 per 100g / 432y

Yarn: https://www.berroco.com/yarns/berroco-remix-light

Patterns: https://www.berroco.com/pattern-listing/all/all/all/all/all/4334/all/all/all/all



Made from 100% recycled fibers, this machine washable yarn is an exciting all season blend that is comfortable in every way. Also check out Remix Light, a beautiful DK-weight version of Remix.

30% Nylon / 27% Cotton / 24% Acrylic / 10% Silk / 9% Linen

$15.50 per 100g / 216 y

Yarn: https://www.berroco.com/yarns/berroco-remix

Patterns: https://www.berroco.com/PATTERN-LISTING/all/all/all/all/all/936/all/all/all/all

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