Sock Talk - wrapping up Sock-a-palooza

June's Sock-a-palooza was awesome!! So many customers participated and got a ton of socks made during the month. It was so fun seeing everyone's progress and the different designs.

Tips and thoughts for next time you make a pair of socks:

  • If your socks ended up too loose, you could go down in needle sizes or cast on a smaller sock size.
  • Remember, that just like any other items that are fitted, you may need to make adjustments.
  • Try new things! There are so many different kinds of heels, toes, and ways to make socks. 
  • When matching yarns and patterns, solid colours work better for involved stitch patterns (like cables) so that you see all the hard work put in. Even self-striping yarns can be done with some stitch patterns, but keep them more simple to show off the striping.
  • If you are planning to knit lots of socks for yourself (or your favourite-knitworthy people), start taking notes of your "magic numbers", like the perfect leg height, and your favourite things about socks, like a specific heel.

Thank you to all those who participated in Sock-a-palooza. Look forward to doing this with you all again.

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Ilmu Forensik

Sockapalooza 2021 was so much fun!
Your Sweet Yarns ‘energy’ and excellent skills as facilitator/coordinator/knitter/model/singer/song-writer/IT wizard/storyteller, really keep us going string!! 😃

Debra Barrett

Wow…thank u so much Lauren! What a great gesture on your part! Congrats to all those who got socks done for the sock a polooza!

Cathy Anderson

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