Sock Talk - Heels

Heels are a fun area of a sock to play around, try different ones and figure out which ones fits you best or the ones you prefer to knit. They all have different benefits.

Sometimes we'll choose a specific heel because of the yarn we're using. (Don't want all those nice stripes getting messed up.) Sometimes we'll choose a heel because of the look. Sometimes we'll choose a heel because of the fit.

Some heels require a gusset section, some do not. Some heels are knit while you knit the socks, some are done after.

A few heels I've tried are:

  • Heels with gusset and heel flap
  • Fleegle heel
  • Short row heel

No matter which one you choose, here are some helpful videos for stitches you may come across.

Knit front and back (kfb)


 Purl front and back (pfb)



Make one left (m1l) and make one right (m1r)


 Knit two together (k2tog)


 Slip, slip knit (ssk)


Wrap and turn (w&t)



What is your favourite heel? Any questions? Comment below.

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Hi Lauren, I always do the Fish Lips kiss Heel. I also like the short row heel.
What is the name of the heel of your Pink Sock on your Sock Talk?

Murielle Guerin

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