Sock Talk - Casting on your socks

Socks begin with casting on whether you are knitting them toe up or cuff down. My preferred method is definitely toe up (two at a time!!) but with some many great pattern options, I may need to start doing some cuff down instead. Whichever method you choose, here are some great videos to help you with getting your socks on your needles.


Toe Up

If you start your socks at the toe, you need to use a cast on that will look seamless on the end of the toe. My favourite is Judy's Magic Cast On.


Another one that often gets used is the Turkish Cast On.


Cuff Down

When starting at the top of the ribbing, you want a cast on that is going to be super stretchy just like your ribbing. Long Tail Cast On is a great one to use.


German Long Tail Cast on is a little stretchier.


My favourite is Tubular Cast On even though it takes a little longer.


Is there a cast on method that you like to use that I didn't mention? Comment below.

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Wow, thank you for blogging these methods 💖

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