Sock Talk - Binding off

When you're finally done knitting your socks, there's one finishing piece left to do - bind off. Depending on where you started, you'll need different bind off methods.

If you started at the cuff, you'll need to finish off the toe with an invisible bind off. You definitely don't want a ridge there. The best way is the Kitchener Stitch. You graft the stitches together so that it looks like the material just keeps going.



If you started at the toe, your bind off needs to be as stretchy as your ribbing. A traditional bind off won't have enough material to accommodate your leg and all that hard work will go to waste. Here are a couple of great bind offs to use: Jeny's Super Stretchy Bind Off, the Elastic Bind Off, and the Tubular Bind Off.

Here's a video on the Tubular Bind Off since it's my favourite.


What bind off do you use for your socks? Comment below.

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