Self Care Tips - Spiritual

Self Care Tips

Spiritual Self Care

A healthy lifestyle includes a spiritual aspect. This doesn't have to mean religious, but anything that helps you develop a deeper sense of meaning, understanding, or connection with the universe. Things like:

  • meditation
  • attending church services
  • praying
  • gratitude journal

I myself grew up going to church. My mother took us kids to a Baptist church for a while, then later a Pentecostal one. I even worked in a church office for a time after univeristy. Running a retail business and having it open on Saturdays has put a pause on my regular attendence of church services but I'm working at finding other ways to connect spiritually. It's great to have modern technology and be able to participate in services from the comfort of home and even at your own leisure.

What do you do to focus on spiritual self care?

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