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Socialization is an important part of self care. Connection to others, including those outside your immediate family, is crucial to your well-being. The saying goes... no one is an island.

We need to make the effort to spend time cultivating and maintaining relationships with family and friends. Now, I know that can be difficult right now with the pandemic going on, but there are things you can do that won't put your health at risk. Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat dinner together as a family at least once a week.
  • Plan some fun with the family - game nights, movie nights, etc.
  • Make a list of people you can chat with either as a phone call or video chat. Add a time to your day or week and cross someone off that list.
  • Plan a playdate (yes, adults can play too). Go for a walk, skating, skiiing, etc. When things open up a little bit, go for coffee, get together to craft, etc.
  • Make sure to join in the fun we're having virtually and in person. It's a great chance to connect with others who love to knit and crochet just like you.

I'm going to make an effort to connect more with those outside my family. At my house, we're great for eating supper together almost every night and having some fun. But I'm one of those people that gets busy at home and misses connecting with friends. What can you do to add a social aspect to your self care?

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