Self Care Tips - Physical

Self Care Tips

Physical Self Care

Not always my favourite topic, but caring for your body is important. I do pretty well in some aspects of this and not so great in others.

Physical self care includes:

  • fueling your body
  • how much sleep you are getting 
  • the amount of physical activity you are doing
  • caring for your physical needs

My family is pretty good in the fueling the body department. We make most of our suppers from scratch (and I'm teaching my kids how to do this too). We don't eat a lot of junk food. And although we always have dessert, we don't over indulge too often. I could probably drink more water, but I prefer it as coffee. ;)

Getting enough sleep and being active are where I struggle the most. I'm a night owl and have a hard time going to bed. In the morning, I really don't want to get up. And owning a yarn shop, after all the business-y stuff (like paperwork) is done, my free time is full of knitting (a new sample, a new design, etc.) which doesn't leave a lot of time for activity. 

So for my Physical Self Care that I need to put into practice I am going to add yoga to my activites and set a bedtime for myself. What small thing could you do to make a change for the better in your own physical self care?

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