Lauren's Library Blanket - 2

Finally! Another post about Lauren's Library Blanket! I was delayed in writing as I waited for yarn to arrive but here we go.

When last I wrote, I explained that even though the blanket is made out of 10 different colourways there are only four colour groups. For the Main Colour, I choose two shades of blue - Denim and Blueberry (top right). For the Contrast Colour. I decided to go with teals - Spruce, Cerulean, Como Blue and Last Call (bottom left). For my Neutrals, I choose Limestone and Snow (bottom right). And for my Pops of Colour, I choose The Mustard Life and Zinnia Red (top left).

Most of the yarns are Cascade Yarns' Heritage Sock Solid with the exception of a couple smaller dyers like The Frosted Stitch. I've worked with all the yarns before and can't wait to combine them all into my very own Library Blanket.

I'm planning on casting on tonight. I've already written out my list of colour combinations (there are 20) so it should be easier for working through the pattern. The actual knitting is going to be pretty painless as there is no purling involved. 

If you're interested in joining all the fun, check out the first blog post on Lauren's Library Blanket for more info. I'm happy to help with colour selections if you need them. Lauren's Library Blanket – Sweet Yarns

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