Berroco's Spring Summer 2022 Sample Trunk Show

Spring Summer Sample Trunk Show

Berroco sent us some of their samples of Spring and Summer patterns you can knit up. There are nine fabulous samples of their patterns made up in their yarns. There's a lovely variety - tops, sweaters, shawls, even a bag. Each pattern is perfect to get on your needles right now and wear soon.


I talked about them all on our Virtual Knit Night. You can watch the replay here:



Below is more information on each of the different patterns seen in the Trunk Show. If you'd like to order any, contact the store and I'd be happy to help you work out the details.




A casual tee with a diamond lace motif and split hem.

Back and front hems are worked separately, then joined and the body is worked in the round to the underarms. Piece is then divided for back and front which are worked flat. Stitch patterns are charted.

Recommended ease: 4-6". Sizes: 38-70".

Berroco: Varya | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Varya pattern by Alison Green

Yarn is Meraki (cotton, hemp, polyester) at $11.00 per skein (50 g / 131 y). Pattern uses 6-12 skeins.

Sample: 42" done in Enthusiasm (6017).

Berroco: Berroco Meraki™ | Berroco




Sapphire is a classic dolman sleeve V-neck cardigan in an all-over textured stitch.

Back, Right Front, and Left Front are each worked separately, with increases forming the dolman sleeves. Pieces are sewn together, then sleeve cuffs and button band are picked up and knit.

Recommended ease: 2-4". Sizes: 32.5-76.5".

Berroco: Sapphire | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Sapphire pattern by Åsa Buchta

Yarn is Vivo (cotton) at $20.00 per skein (100 g / 317 y). Pattern uses 3-8 skeins.

Sample: 40.5" done in Breeze (3511).

Berroco: Berroco Vivo™ | Berroco




Keshi is a luxurious lace shawl that’s *surprise* worked in the round and cut open at the end! The cut stitches are then dropped and knotted to form fringe.

Lace pattern is charted. Size: 84" x 15.5".

Berroco: Keshi | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Keshi pattern by Amy Christoffers

Yarn is Isola (cotton, linen, viscose) at $21.00 per skein (100 g / 284 y). Pattern uses 4 skeins.

Sample: one size done in Burano (8928).

Berroco: Berroco Isola™ | Berroco




Enjoy sampling a few textured stitch patterns in this flattering spring tee. Vincas features a boxy shape and slight drop shoulders. 

The pattern is knit bottom up in pieces and then seamed together.

Recommended ease: 2-4". Sizes: 37.75-68".

Berroco: Vincas | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Vincas pattern by Berroco Design Team

Yarn is Pima Soft (pima cotton) at $10.00 per skein (50 g / 124 y). Pattern uses 7-13 skeins.

Sample: 41" done in Coral (4633).

Berroco: Berroco Pima Soft™ | Berroco




Grab this shawl for the next time you need a touch of warmth! Worked in garter stitch with a lace edging it's a simple and satisfying shawl.

Size: 54" x 14".

Berroco: Kattegat | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Kattegat pattern by Åsa Buchta

Yarn is Spree (wool, cotton) at $13.00 per skein (50 g / 142 y). Pattern uses 4 skeins.

Sample: one size in Juniper (9406).

Berroco: Berroco Spree™ | Berroco




The classic tee, updated: knit flat from sleeve to sleeve with a shaped hemline and relaxed fit. Just the kind of modern take on a traditional garment to carry you through the warm days of summer.

There aren't any ease recommendations from Berroco for this one. My recommendation is the usual 2-4" or whatever you feel comfortable with in a t-shirt. Sizes: 36-60".

Berroco: Cosette | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Cosette pattern by Amy Christoffers

Yarn is Pima 100 (pima cotton) at $16.00 per skein (100 g / 219 y). Pattern uses 4-7 skeins.

Sample: 40" in Chrysanthemum (8431).

Berroco: Berroco Pima 100™ | Berroco




Auden is a an all over lace cardigan. Worked from the bottom up, fronts and back are separated and stitches are cast on for the sleeves. The fit is a relaxed and flattering kind of piece.

Stitch pattern is both charted and has written instructions. Recommended ease: 2-5". Sizes: 37-72".

Berroco: Auden | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Auden pattern by Margaux Hufnagel

Yarn is Remix (nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk, linen) at $16.00 per skein (100 g / 216 y). Pattern uses 4-9 skeins.

Sample: 41" in Almond (3903).

Berroco: Berroco Remix® | Berroco




A simple and fun knit bag, large enough for all your everyday essentials.

Size: 12" x 11.5".

Berroco: Goshen Bag | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Goshen Bag pattern by Donna Yacino

Yarn is Medina (cotton, acrylic, viscose) at $20.00 per skein (100 g, 295 y). Pattern uses 3 skeins.

Sample: one size done in Melilla (4772).

Berroco: Berroco Medina® | Berroco




Have fun mixing stripes and textures in this simple and polished pullover. The sweater is made in pieces and seamed for a classic fit. Recommended ease: 2-4".

Berroco: Tay | Berroco

Ravelry: Ravelry: Tay pattern by Amy Christoffers

Yarn is Zinnia (cotton, nylon) at $16.00 per skein (50 g / 125 y). Pattern uses 5-9 skeins in each of two colours.

Sample: 38.5" in Marzipan (7111) and Peach Cobbler (7133).

Berroco: Berroco Zinnia™ | Berroco


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