Self Care Tips introduction

Self Care tips

Our New Year KAL kicked off a few short days ago and I must say I'm excited about the theme for this year. Self-Care is an important topic that we don't often talk about or implement in our own lives.

I'm sure most people immediately start thinking that self-care is big things that need to be scheduled like a day at the spa or an evening out. I know I used to think that. As I've gotten older (and wiser lol), my experiences have showed me that it can be the small things that make all the difference, and this includes doing small things to help your own self-care.

I'm not trained in this and I'm no expert, but I'm going to share with you what I've learned and hopefully my examples with encourage you to add self-care to your priorities list and give you some ideas to get you going.


So why is self-care so important? In the research I did, I found that self-care reduces things like anxiety, stress, and burnout, and improves things like resilience, happiness and energy. I also discovered that there are five types of self-care:

  • physical
  • social
  • mental
  • spiritual
  • emotional

Come back each Saturday morning as we dive into these different forms of self-care.

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