Knit In Public Day update

With the early beginning of Phase 1, we've been given the opportunity to meet for World Wide Knit In Public Day. Outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people are bein allowed through this Phase. I know it is short notice so we will continue with our virtual plans as well. Here's the plan:

* I'll be popping on Facebook for a quick Live at 10AM to kick off the day.
* The store will be open 10AM to 3PM for instore shopping.
* If you want to, bring a lawn chair and your knitting down to the store during the above hours. We have some room on the sidewalk. There's also the waterfront down the road if we run out of space.
* Please snap a picture of yourself knitting outside and send it to the store. I'll be putting together an album on Facebook later that day.
* Crocheters are welcome to participate too, of course!

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