Closed next week (May 31 to June 4)

Closed due to plumbing issues

As many of you know, we've had plumbing issues in our building for the last year or so. In the Fall, they had to do some work in the storage area of the store. Unfortunately now they've got to dig a trench in the store to repair some plumbing.

This means that the store will have to be closed for next week.

The website will still be open but orders won't be filled until I can get access to products again.

All our virtual things (like Berroco's Featured Pattern, Preorders, and Virtual Knit Night) will continue as per usual.

The store will remain open today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) from 10AM to 3PM but I am going to be packing things up. If you need anything, please stop in as soon as possible.

I'm hoping to get back into the store next Friday if everything goes smooth.  Most likely the store won't be open again until Tuesday, June 7th. I promise to keep you updated as I find things out.

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